Our Story

Urban Electric Power (UEP) is a New York based technology start-up commercializing a breakthrough zinc manganese dioxide battery technology for stationary energy storage applications. Originally developed by the City University of New York (CUNY) Energy Institute, UEP has the exclusive license to bring this innovative battery chemistry to market. 



UEP's original vision included energy storage applications in dense urban environments which deliver power by deploying storage at peak times, thereby offsetting the need to build and utilize polluting gas-fired peaker plants or upgrade congested transmission and distribution networks.

As we've grown, our vision has expanded to include rural areas in developing nations, where access to the grid is poor or unreliable and diesel or lead acid batteries are often substituted.

UEP is proud to commit to innovative and sustainable solutions by providing durable, affordable, and above all safe battery storage to limit and eliminate peaker plants, decentralized diesel and lead acid from the worlds solutions to the growing requirements for electricity. 


Created from the same environmentally sustainable materials as disposable alkaline batteries, Urban Electric Power’s innovative rechargeable zinc manganese dioxide (Zn-MnO2) battery technology offers a safer, lower-cost, high-performance alternative to lead acid and Li-ion batteries. Urban Electric Power’s cost-effective batteries can provide significant customer savings and improve power quality and reliability through a non toxic environmentally benign solution with the power to reduce diesel pollution and lead contamination.