There is no question that renewable energy is on the rise in the United States. With the explosive growth of solar, wind, and energy storage, as well as the Obama administration and the EPA's proposed Clean Power Plan, there is a clear indication that this trend will only intensify in the coming years.

      There are many different stakeholders involved in funding this clean energy boom, including renewable energy companies, large investment firms and banks, and government organizations. Recently, major technology corporations like Apple and Google have also become more heavily involved, investing money in solar plants and wind farms around the world, and greening their own operations. For instance, Apple has recently announced that all U.S. operations were powered by 100% renewable energy and Google plans to purchase half of the energy from the Altamont Wind Farm to power their Mountain View headquarters, the Googleplex.

     Both Google and Apple have invested more than one billion dollars each in clean energy. We wanted to provide a brief look at some of their contributions, as they demonstrate their commitment to sustainability around the world:



 Chinese Solar

Location: Sichuan Province, China

Capacity: 40mw over two projects

Projected Operating Date: 4Q 2015

Partners: Sun Power, Sichuan Shengtian New Energy Development Co Ltd.



California Flats Solar Project

 Location: Monterey County, California

Capacity: 130mw for Apple’s operations

Projected Operating Date: End of 2016

Partners: First Solar

Investment: $850 Million


North Carolina Solar Farms

 Location: Monterey County, California

Capacity: 40mw across two solar farms, 10mw fuel cell farm

Partners: SunPower, Bloom Energy

Investment: $150-200 million


Nevada Solar Farm

 Location: Reno, Nevada

Capacity: 18-20mw

Partners: NV Energy, SunPower

Investment: $150-200 million


Ireland Renewable Energy

 Location: near Athenry, Ireland

Capacity: 300mw for data centers from six renewable projects, probably onshore wind.

Projected Operating Date: 2017 or 2018

Partners: n/a

Investment: 400 million euros




West Coast Solar

Location: Five projects in Southern California, One in Arizona

Capacity: 106mw combined

Projected Operating Date: 2017 or 2018

Partners: Recurrent Energy

Investment: $80 million



Spinning Spur Wind Project

Location: Oldham County, TX

Capacity: 161mw

Partners: EDF Renewable Energy

Investment: $200 million



Rippey Wind Farm

Location: Green County, IA

Capacity: 50mw

Projected Operating Date:

Partners: RPM Access, Central Iowa Power Cooperative (CIPCO)

Investment: $75 Million


Sacramento Solar

Location: Sacramento, CA

Capacity: 88mw

Partners: Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Recurrent Energy

Investment: $94 million



Shepherds Flat Wind Project

Location: Oregon

Capacity: 845mw

Partners: ITOCHU Corporation, Tyr Energy, Sumitomo Corp

Investment: $100 million



Ivanpah Farm

Location: Mojave Desert

Capacity: 392mw

Partners: BrightSource Energy

Investment: $168 million


Mount Signal Solar

Location: Imperial County, CA

Capacity: 265.7mw

Projected Operating Date:

Partners: Silver Ridge Power

Investment: $103 million