We must use the technology available to us to transition to a more sustainable way of living, and this evolution is starting to take place. Here on the UEP blog, we want to focus on different examples of how clean technology can promote green, sustainable living, much like our zinc-manganese dioxide batteries.

This week, we explore the R-951 Residence in Brooklyn, NY. This three story building is the first of it's kind in New York City, earning the NYSERDA Energy Star, Passive House and Net-Zero Capable Certification. This signifies that not only does the building have a very low carbon impact, consuming between 60-80% less energy than standard designs, but all energy used throughout the year can also be produced on-site. 

As you can see from the below diagram, this unique building contains three duplex apartments:

  • Apartment 1:  1 bedroom/1.5 bathrooms, contains a 697 SF rear garden, 50 SF laundry room, and a lower-level recreation room.
  • Apartment 2: 3 bedrooms/2 bathrooms, contains a 14 SF Front Balcony, 126 SF Rear Terrace, and a 24 SF Cellar.
  • Apartment 3: 3 bedrooms/2 bathrooms, includes the 4th floor penthouse, 14 SF Front Balcony, 24 SF Cellar, 345 SF Front Roof Terrace and 154 SF Rear Roof Terrace.

Now you might be thinking that this description sounds quite luxurious, but how can the facility save so much energy compared to the average New York City apartment building?

Solar Energy: There is a 12kw solar photo-voltaic system on the roof, which is tied directly into Con Edison's electric grid. Each apartment uses 4kw, which is the average electricity usage for New York City condos. Any energy which is not used on-site is fed back into the grid, which results in a significant savings on utility bills.

Energy Recovery System: Each unit has Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) which provides high-quality air circulation, and will save up to 90% of heating and cooling costs. The system couples air inflow with air outlet, to produce a constant balance of fresh air supply with a relative humidity of 40-50%, preconditioning the incoming air based on the season.

Here are other features, courtesy of the official site:

  • High efficiency heating / cooling provided heat pump by Mitsubishi.
  • High efficiency hot water heater provided by heat pump by Steibel Eltron.
  • Triple glazed doors and windows for reduction of heat loss, thermal and acoustic comfort.
  • White oak floors certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative
  • High performance building envelope, super insulated, virtual air tight construction to reduce energy use and for thermal comfort.
  • Electrolux kitchen appliances.  Slide in induction range, Bosch Washer / Dryer.  Energy Star appliances.
  • Stone countertops in kitchen, and marble bathroom floors
  • Benjamin Moore Green Promise paint.  Low VOC paint
  • 1200 gallon Rainwater collection system for landscape irrigation, water conservation, and reduction in water use. Supplies water for plants on roof areas, front and rear garden.

Check out these photos from inside the apartments: