Prismatic Cell

UEP's Zinc Manganese Dioxide prismatic cell revolutionizes the use of traditional single use alkaline chemistry for rechargeable energy storage systems with high energy density 60Ah, long life 5,000 cycles and flexible performance ranging from  2-8 hours charge/discharge capabilities. 


24V UPS Battery


High diesel fuel prices, a greater push toward renewable resources and ancillary service market drive the the business case for energy storage for back up power. UEP's 24V modules are the building blocks for small scale systems ranging from 2kWh-50kWh ranging from homes, cell towers and UPS.

Grid-Scale System


Peaker plant replacement, renewable firming, T&D deferral and energy shifting all drive the demand for large scale low cost energy storage. UEP's fully integrated battery racks are designed to be a Li-ion drop in replacement at a lower cost, longer life and 100% inherently safe chemistry for urban and sustainable rural environments.